Modifikasi Yamaha Fino Sporty Retro

Modifikasi Yamaha Fino Sporty RetroModifikasi Yamaha Fino Sporty Retro


Carburetors (Keihin 28 SP)
Bore Up Piston Ф 58
Camshaft Kawahara
Per Valves Valves Sonic & 28 in 24 out
Kawahara Exhaust

Yamaha OEM rim 14 inch
Federal trademark o Front (FDR) size 90/90 -14
Federal trademark o Rear (FDR) 90/90 - 14
Shock Breaker
o Front brands Trusty
o Rear brands Trusty
o Kawahara 13 degrees
o Roller brands LHK

OEM Fino Windshild
Fino OEM Side skirt
Oil Temperature
Brake Handle LHK
Grip Handle LHK

Create Sporty Retro impression Si Fino

Starting from a small discussion with an old friend Mr. Motor Otostlyle owner Rawal, by creating a simple project. The idea, strengthened on the basis of automatic motor will have a sporty retro look, but still comfortable ride for daily use and daily aliases can be a bit taken "sport".
Finally, after mature ideas and concepts, the choice fell on Yamaha Mio Fino a retro look (classic style but fancy). So with Mr. accommodated. Rawal, full body kit Yamaha Mio Fino was flown directly from the "State of the White Elephant of Thailand.
To add a strong impression that the classic was selected silver white smoke as the 2008 edition of the bandage dress that was based on the white-Matic. It took two days to dress up this body to the Mio Fino, because according to Mr. Rawal was a bit holder body to be adjusted, and consequently Fino be my first step with a touch of Mr.. Rawal.
To be added sporty look and the "lost interest", do not miss some additional accessories like the shock front and back breaker Trusty, brake handle and grip LHK, wind shield Fino, and the side skirt joined to complete the more sporty Matic on the streets ... step one done. ..

Ok first step was achieved, and the next is the "kitchen runway" is not lost touch. Basicly, because the sporty Fino is used daily with an uncertain route (random map) alias sometimes freezes ... sometimes empty, like during "kedombrang 'till midnight, and must remain in the" rape "it just all kinds of weather and terrain deh , both in and out of town and could surely take a little "exercise". Understandably sometimes romp that sometimes the same deadline should melalah many places and with a relatively mepet time. So yes the risks should be invited to the Fino "sports" a bit.

Steed needs a somewhat "Ojek really", I try to discuss with some friends, and the result was referred to the Fino property of Mr. JP Racing. Throckmorton to make a small touch but it fits my busyness with a super-duper crazy. After hearing the desired concept, then Mr. Throckmorton create a concept Bore Up "daily" as I needed.
Bore Up concept like that was profitable. Therefore, no need to damage the original part of the Yamaha Mio. Because JP Racing itself has prepared a package of complete block, piston, camshaft, cylinder head, valves, until PULLEY ... So JP Racing's attention to detail needs without destroying the original parts, actually lived plug and play ... And most importantly aka final tune settings for the kitchen end of the runway according to desired needs. Finally done step two

After the engine business is finished, now the focus back to the business body, because the concept did not want to seem like a retro-classic look that have been most widely adopted Fino friends the other Owners. So I want to created the Yamaha Fino to the sporty retro ride style, so the idea was created sporty retro look, with many references see the end I trust HSN Paint for working on this idea.
After discussions with Hasan Basri Paint HSN owner finally decided to adopt the concept 100th Anniversary Yamaha Valentino Rosi used in the "iron horse" on GP Racing Season 2007 which coincided with a century peringayan Yamaha, with a white base with striping plaid characteristic red Yamaha and a thin black strip to confirm. And several other components such as alloy wheels, rear stirrup and Speedo meter meter is given a touch of titanium look to sharpen the look sporty scent Fino .